September is Life Awareness Month

Because you want your loved ones to be financially OK,  even if you're not here to support them .... Call us to discuss your life insurance needs.

Back To School Review

As you send the kids off for another school year and prepare for the endless stream of homework, it's time to do a little yourself!

When was the last time you met with your agent to review your insurance polices? Most of us haven't looked at the polices we have since we first purchased them which could ultimately lead to a gap in coverage.

A few questions to think about....
1. Does my policy provide enough coverage to rebuild my home?
2. Do I have enough life insurance to take care of my family?
3. With autos having an average price of $25,000 - $40,000, do I have enough coverage in the event of an accident?

Now it's final exam time! Call 931-433-2525 to schedule an appointment with one of our Licensed Agents to see if you pass the test!
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